Common Epoxy Flooring Problems and How to Solve Them

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Epoxy flooring can cure into a gorgeous, glistening finish that protects surfaces. Unfortunately, improper treatment can have drastic effects on the appearance and texture of your floors. Epoxy or Resin is a tricky material if you don’t have professional experience applying it.

The flooring product needs Resin and an activator to be a true epoxy. Because epoxy flooring is a two-part product, it requires professional installation to get the precise ratio. If an untrained individual attempted to use the product, your floors could end up with some shortcomings. Even installation from qualified flooring technicians can go wrong due to several uncommon but possible conditions such as:

  • Normal wear
  • Weather conditions
  • Improper installation

These conditions, among others, can lead to a variety of epoxy flooring predicaments. Don’t get down though, because there are always solutions to these problems with your floors. Read on for the most common commercial epoxy flooring predicaments and how to resolve them.

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Problem: Epoxy Floor Peeling

If you notice portions of your epoxy floor coming up or splitting away, you have epoxy floor peeling. Peeling creates a rough surface and an irregular appearance, damaging the concrete flooring under it.

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An epoxy floor can peel for several reasons, some of them associated with the neighboring conditions as professionals apply it. An epoxy floor can peel if during application or environment:

  • The temperature is too high
  • The temperature is too low
  • The humidity is high

Resin and hardener need the proper conditions to set. If the humidity has been high at your business, moisture can seep out of concrete floors beneath your epoxy. The buildup of moisture can create different problems, peeling included. Temperature variations may also cause condensation, adding more to your moisture predicament.

Even if the weather doesn’t vary between hot and cold, either extreme may cause epoxy floor peeling. When the temperature is too hot or cold, it may influence how the epoxy cures in your building or outside. If your epoxy doesn’t set correctly, it won’t lay right on the concrete. You’ll see peeling and uneven Resin as a result.

Preparation of surfaces is also important for smooth epoxy flooring. For various reasons, a professional will make sure your floors meet the following circumstances.

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  1. Are clean of oils and debris: These substances spell trouble for Resin. Oil and other materials can get trapped under the epoxy. The coating can’t correctly adhere to concrete floors if something obstructs their application. Grease and oil on your floor will also cause the Resin to set improperly, which leads to peeling.
  2. Have opened pores: If a surface is too smooth, epoxy can’t adhere to it. When that happens, you end up with peeling floors because the Resin couldn’t bond as it set.
  3. Are completely dry: Whether you washed your floor or a professional removed previous epoxy flooring, it needs to dry. Allow at least 24 hours between washing your concrete flooring and having a professional apply new Resin. Wet flooring creates the same problems like a dirty floor, where epoxy can’t adhere to the concrete.

If your floors are dirty, too smooth, or wet, the Resin will not harden correctly. If you’ve yet to have a professional apply your epoxy flooring, you’re in luck. Some straightforward precautions will help prevent epoxy floor peeling in future applications. If your Resin is already on and you notice peeling, you still have some solutions. If you are looking for some high-quality epoxy products or installers, we recommend getting in contact with an established company. ArmorThane has been in business for over 30 years, and they have been a go to company for us and many others around the world for several years. They consistently win awards each year and are always updating and upgrading.

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