Why not get durable and safer concrete coatings for commercial floors?

If you want to make your floors last longer and more attractive, coating them is the best option. A properly coated floor will protect concrete from dirt and germs. Floor coating is a great way to improve the appearance of your commercial space, particularly in areas that see high foot traffic. It helps to keep it intact over the long-term.

Concrete has a porous surface. Concrete floors without treatment will absorb water, dirt, and bacteria leading to decay.

Below are some benefits of getting concrete coatings in your commercial space

Safety enhancement

A place for restaurant or hospitality needs to be able to move furniture. You can expect food spillages, frequent food traffic, and even plates falling. A floor coating can improve the surface’s traction, making slips and falls less likely. A floor coating can increase wear resistance and possibly extend the floor’s life expectancy.

A floor coating can also reflect light and be clear. It can reduce the amount of energy needed to light the space.

Improve cleanliness

Commercial floor coatings help in protecting and extending the life of the floor. It can also improve hygiene and cleanliness. It can be used to prevent the spread of germs, contamination and bacterial growth.

The public toilet is another area that can spread germs in commercial spaces. A durable floor coating must be able to withstand foot traffic, and maintain cleanliness in the restroom.

Look out for a concrete company who can provide slip-resistant concrete coatings and easy to clean. Nonporous coatings are 100% non-microbial. This means that your bathroom floor won’t harbor mold, mildew, or bacteria, keeping it safe and clean.


People who have a showroom need a floor that is as attractive as their merchandise. You should look for high-quality options when making a decision. Many companies offer floor coatings with high-quality strength and stability that are specially designed.

You can also find high-quality floor coatings that are great for small spaces. There are also coatings made for cold-weather installations. It is resistant to chemical damage and can withstand repeated freeze-thaw cycles.

All these options are available in a variety design and color options. This allows you to be sure that your floor is not only built to withstand the unique challenges of your industry, but also looks beautiful enough to have customers take selfies of the floor.

Resistance to chemicals and moisture

The coating seals the floor. This means it is not porous like a cement floor. This means that liquids such as nail polish, chemical, or drink spillages will not cause damage to the floor. This can make the floor more resistant to corrosion and give it a longer lifespan.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

The meaning is very simple. Floor coatings make it easier for you to clean your floors. It will not only stop liquids from getting into your floor but also protect everything on it. A floor coating is an excellent choice for commercial spaces that are susceptible to spillage and require frequent cleaning, such as restaurants, supermarkets, and malls.


Floor coating can be a great way of enhancing both the aesthetic and usability of your space. One day floors can help you with all your business needs. Get in touch today to receive a no-obligation, free estimate!

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