Why You Should Choose Polyurea Over Epoxy

Epoxy was the most sought-after for every concrete coating for a long time. Similar to many other industries, product innovation is always present, as well for the concrete coating industry these innovations have changed the game. Here are four great reasons to consider polyurea coating for your concrete. Before that, let’s take a brief history lesson.


Polyurea was used in the industrial industry for over 40 years. Its rapid cure time makes it a popular coating for projects such as tunnel and manhole coatings tanks as well as truck bedliners. Polyurea systems are widely used in the automotive industry. polyurea systems are widely in usage in the auto industry where cowlings, bumpers as well as dashboards, side panels, and many other components are constructed from polyurea. As we progress into the 21 century, century, the applications of polyurea systems are expanding.

Polyurea Bonds More Effective than Epoxy

Epoxy coatings have earned themselves a bad rap for their inability to adhere to the concrete. They tend to stick to the tires of your vehicle after the heat of summer but peel off after the tires are cool and moved. Polyurea coatings are distinct. They aren’t just a layer on top of concrete. The coating is absorbed into the pores of the concrete surface, forming an exceptionally durable bond that will not be removed.

Polyurea coatings dry Fast

The epoxy coating that is applied to your floor will take between seven and 7 days before it fully cures. This means you can’t park your vehicles, or even walk on the floor to avoid damage to the floor. The curing time for the polyurea coating can be reduced to just a day, allowing you to get the routine up and running within an incredibly shorter amount of time. Keep in mind that the fast cure time is the reason it was an appealing option for tunnels!

Do you want to avoid cracks?

Epoxy coatings are extremely hard and do not offer a lot of flexibility. Over time they are prone to crack and peel off, then separate away from their substrate. Due to the great level of flexibility in polyurea coatings, they will maintain their quality despite weather conditions or the passing of time.

Polyurea Color stays true

In contrast to epoxy coatings that fade with time, polyurea coatings are 100 100% UV stable. The color you have chosen will be just as beautiful in 10 years’ time as it does today. The color you choose is limitless.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Polyurea coatings are more durable and have a greater degree of flexibility and appearance longer. Additionally, the time you’ll have to get removed from your home is just a fraction of the time with epoxy.

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